Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thirteen steps for creativity

I recently wrote a short story for Writers craft class.
My teacher asked me to write about things relating to that, so I think I'll write about my creative process.

First step:
Stare at the computer screen untill an idea comes. If idea comes, write about it. Else, procede to step 2.

Second step:
Attempt to remember all sci fi and fantasy novels ever readand crib just enough of each so that it looks original without setting off any radar.

Step three:
Play online games untill a decent opening comes to mind.
If opening is actually good, write it down.

Step four:
Play with cats.

Step five:
Get something to eat and refuel creative juices with a nap.

Step six:
Get an outline of the progression of the plot in your mind. Don't write it down, that will make you see how silly it looks.

Step seven:
Try on various hats around the house while impersonating Humphrey Bogart.

Step eight:
Talk to friends on IRC.

Step nine:
Attempt to write middle of story while listening to music that makes you want to dance.

Step ten:

Step eleven:
Realise how late it is and stay up far too late writing your story out.
Go to sleep when you decide it would be easier to have aliens kill off all your characters (whether they are live or not) than come up with a decent ending.

Step twelve:
Wake up early and have a last minute epiphany on an incredably awesome/ironic ending.

Step thirteen:
Pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

Btw, this method can be used for almost any creative material, not just short stories.

My short story (using google docs)Which I'd really rather not


  1. You're absolutely right... this technique will work for just about any type of creative endeavor.

  2. I can relate to the steps - 'cept I do Lauren Bacall instead of Bogey. Great story!